Commission Information

Commissioning a drawing is a very simple process, and the result is an incredibly unique work of art that can be treasured for many years to come.

How it works

  • Get in touch with me by email
  • We discuss timescale, budget, and requirements
  • I ask for some photographs; usually one main photo of the desired pose and, if possible, supplementary photos to ensure I capture the highest amount of detail.
  • When it is time for me to start your drawing, I will keep you updated with progress photos, and any feedback is welcomed.
  • When your commission is complete, I will  send you a high resolution scan, with all colours matched as closely as possible to the original drawing. If you are happy, I will request payment, and then the drawing will be mounted and shipped to you!
  • Shipping is worldwide, and your commission will be carefully wrapped and packed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. All drawings are layered with artist's fixative so that no smudging or fading occurs, and so your drawing will look beautiful forever.


Photograph Requirements:

It can't be emphasised enough that the better the image supplied, the better the portrait will be. The higher resolution of the photograph the better, as this will enable me to draw the portrait more accurately and with a high amount of detail. 

Group portraits are possible and can be combined from separate images, and I am happy to advise on the required photos.  

'Rachel drew not one but eight cats for a birthday present which brought on the requisite tears of joy!'

- Thomas, Oxfordshire - 

December 2018


Prices and Payment

The cost will depend depend on your individual requirements of size, medium and any mounting or framing options. 

Please don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to accommodate your budget; the prices below are guidelines.

Payment is only when you are truly happy with the commission. Paypal, NZ bank transfers and UK bank transfers are all accepted. I never ask for a deposit because I trust my clients, just as they trust me with their artwork.

 Size (inches) Graphite Pencil Coloured Pencil
6x8 £100 £120
8x12 £200 £260
10x10 £230 £280
12x17 £320 £400
17x23 £630 £700


There is no extra charge to have two or more subjects in a commission, nor is there an extra charge for the popular 'action shot and portrait' composition. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a drawing take?

This varies hugely, depending on the size, media, and when you have ordered your drawing. Christmas is an incredibly busy time, and so any portraits needed for the big day need to be booked well in advance. I try to leave two weeks between completion of a commission and a required date to make sure it can get there in time and be wrapped ready for gifting!

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, I ship all over the world, and a lot of my commission work is held in collections in New Zealand! There is an extra cost to postage for international orders to cover the value of insuring your piece, but this is not usually very much, and I only use couriers that I trust. Added shipping time usually takes two to three weeks to extra so make sure you leave plenty of time to book your portrait. 

What photos can you work from? 

The better the photo, the better the portrait! Ideally, I require one main image of your pet or horse that you would love drawn, and then supplementary images showing extra details and their character and personality, so that I can include that extra 'twinkle' that makes them come alive.

Can you change anything from the reference photo?

This is definitely possible! I am more than happy to add/remove collars, leads, and tack. When removing tack, I also make sure to soften the mouth where the bit sits to reduce any tension in the head and create a more 'natural' looking portrait.