Keeping Up With the Kaimanawas

Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson are well known throughout New Zealand as top-level showjumpers, and since 2012 they have also become widely known for their work with the native New Zealand wild horses. Their top-rated TV series, Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, the documentary Wind Eaters (directed and filmed by Amanda) and Kelly's two best-selling novels, For the Love of Horses and Stallion Challenges, have helped to spread awareness of the Kaimanawas far beyond the equestrian scene, and since then they have continued to advocate for wild horses around the world, through taming and raising awareness of the plight of the American Mustangs and Australian Brumbies. 

As of 2013, I have been honoured to partner with award winning photographer Kelly Wilson, using my artwork to raise money for the Wilson Sisters and their wild horses. Since donating a commission to their first online auction, to now creating bespoke portraits of the wild horses they have rescued, I am proud to work alongside such incredible advocates for wild horses in New Zealand and beyond.

I have completed several drawings for an online auction, including portraits of Major KH, Ranger KH, and Momento KH, raising over $500 towards the care of the horses from both the 2012 and 2014 muster. 

My ink drawing of Major KH was also featured in Kelly Wilson's bestselling book, 'Stallion Challenges'.

My drawings of the horses they have saved from slaughter are available as specially created, limited edition prints of my drawings, which are professionally printed using the fine art giclée process on Elegance Velvet 100% Cotton Fine Art Paper, 310gm. The inks used are UV resistant. Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity. 

8x12" - $60
12x18" - $95

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More can be learned about the work of the Wilson Sisters on their website: