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Fine Art Limited Edition print of ‘Cernunnos', a red deer stag in his prime.

Red deer are a native species having migrated to Britain from Europe 11,000 years ago, and are the largest land mammal in the UK with a males (stags) standing 107-137cm at the shoulder and weighing 90-190kg. 

Cernunnos is a name commonly used in Celtological literature as describing a horned or antlered god, and scholars often describe Cernunnos as the "Lord of Wild Things".

Prints are made using a velvet textured 310gsm German etching paper and archival archival ink that will last at least 75 years. The surface and ink allows you be able to see each and every pencil mark that you would expect from the original drawing.

Prints are available unmounted, or mounted, backed, and ready to frame. Each print is signed by the artist.

Available in two sizes: medium (A4 - 8x11”, mounted to11x14”), or large (A3 - 11x16”, mounted to 16x20”), each limited to a run of 75.