Major KH
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Major KH

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Fine Art Limited Edition print of 'Major KH', a portrait of the late 17-year-old stallion from the 2012 muster, rehomed to the Wilson sisters. Major made a remarkable impact both nationally and internationally, challenging every preconception of what an older wild stallion should be like.

New Zealand’s Kaimanawa horses are found on the North Island’s central plateau. Descended from army horses, farm escapees and those ditched on the roadside, Kaimanawa herds now roam free on the Kaimanawa Ranges. Unfortunately, herd numbers outweigh the food sources available, and every second year the Department of Conversation musters up to 200 of the horses to keep the numbers at around 300. The horses are re-homed if possible – or sent directly to slaughter if there are not enough homes available. At one time the majority of the Kaimanawas mustered were sent to the abattoir, but in recent years the increased publicity the Wilson sisters have helped generate has made a huge difference. In the 2016 muster, every horse was saved from slaughter – the first time this has ever happened in over 20 years of mustering.

Prints are made using a velvet textured 310gsm German etching paper and archival archival ink that will last at least 75 years. The surface and ink allows you be able to see each and every pencil mark that you would expect from the original drawing.

Prints are available unmounted, or mounted, backed, and ready to frame. Each print is signed by the artist.

Available in two sizes: medium (A4 - 8x11”, mounted to11x14"), or large (A3 - 11x16”, mounted to 16x20"), each limited to a run of 75.

40% of every print sale goes directly to the Wilson Sisters to subsidise the rehoming and training costs of horses from recent musters.